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What does the VDJ mean?

Video Disk Jockey,

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use Professional disc jockey equipment with backup devices in place for precautionary  purposes. If any piece of equipment fails, I can easily correct the issue with a quick change of cables, providing for a seamless event presentation for you and your guests.  My set-ups are also attractive and unobtrusive.


Once a contract is signed can you change the date?
I accept changes in event dates provided the new date is available. There is no extra cost to you!


Once a contract is signed can we cancel?
If the event is canceled 15 days prior to the event, unfortunately the entire balance amount is due as compensation for time, preparation, rental deposit, equipment purchases, labor, and loss of date.


Are some Disc Jockeys better than others? 
The equipment that most DJ’s use is virtually identical and many have very similar music libraries. A DJ’s Professionalism, Personality, and past Experience are what set them apart from one another. Your personal impression of a DJ will also be an excellent indicator of if they are the right person to hire for your event. Trust your instincts.


Do you charge for travel or setup? 
Never, my event pricing is all inclusive.


Can the DJ stay longer? 
I love a Great party! it’s usually never a problem to stay longer.  If you think your event has a chance of running longer, I suggest that it be brought to my attention before the event.  This will allow me to inform you of my overtime rates and to make sure I don’t book another event after yours.

Will you help coordinate my event? 
Yes. I have found over the years that many events need some guidance. I will act as the "Host" for your event and work with your caterer, photographers, and other hired professionals to help make sure that your event runs smoothly.

When do you arrive for the reception or event? 
I usually arrive two hours in advance to the start of your event. It only takes about 1 hour to set up my equipment, so in the unlikely event of any technical problems, I can solve them well before your event starts.

Can you play music to entertain all our guests? 
That's exactly what I do!  I "read a crowd" and select a mix of music that will touch upon everyone there. I have music with me that will satisfy every generation. If there is a song I don't have, I can simply download it on the spot from my iTunes account provided there is WiFi. I purchase all my edited music from iTunes.

Do you play requests? 
I generally will invite quests up to make requests, if you permit them.  I want everyone to enjoy the event and having people choose a song that they can get up and dance to usually loosens up the crowd. 

Do you provide special requests?
If I don’t have a song that you “Must Have”,  I’ll purchase it on the spot, providing there is WiFi service that I can access to download from my iTunes account.

Do you take breaks? 
Not at all!  I’m getting paid to provide you with entertainment for the amount of time that has been designated for your event.  If I need to take a break, I’ll put on a long song!

During a Wedding Reception, Do I have to provide the DJ a meal? 
It’s not necessary. I know that an additional meal can be pricey. If you offer it, I’ll accept, but don’t feel obligated. 

What will the DJ wear? 
For events other then a wedding, I dress in a very presentable business casual manner.  I usually break out the Tux for a Wedding, unless advised otherwise.

How much will you use the microphone? 
I try not to overdo it. I feel that guests are generally not interested in hearing me "ham it up" over the mic. I will make all the announcements needed to keep the event organized and keep everyone properly informed.

Do you have back-up equipment? 
Yes. My CD Players, Amplified Speakers, and Wireless Mics have been wired to provide redundancy and can be activated with a couple of cable adjustments.

Do you drink alcohol  at  events? 
I don't drink alcohol at all, I have a natural high. Also, there's no need for a cigarette break being that I don't smoke.

Are there any taxes? 
DJ services are not subject to sales tax.

Do I tip the DJ?
That’s up to you. If you feel that I did an excellent job, a tip is always appreciated.

How far in advance do we need to book? 
Most DJ’s are booked from 2-6 months in advance.  However, on many occasions I book dates just a few weeks ahead of time.  

Can we use a credit card to pay for your services? 
No.  I currently accept Cash, Personal Check, or Business Check.

How do I book you for my Event?
You may phone my office to setup a personal meeting to discuss your event, complete your contract, and present your deposit.  You can also send an email requesting my availability and a contract.  To reserve my services for your event, simply sign and return the completed contract with your deposit and I will contact you to confirm your booking and start discussing the particulars of your event.

*A 50% down payment is due with a completed and signed contract to reserve your date and my services for your event.  The remainder of your balance will be due at the Start of your event. 


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