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I started DJing in high school in 1986. It went from house parties and back yards, to pools and skating rinks, schools and frat houses, hole in the walls and night clubs, blues shows, car shows and concerts. 

As I matured over the years so did my followers. All of a sudden they started catching feelings and the next thing you know I'm in a tux DJing at their wedding receptions, family reunions, sweet 16's and where ever I can setup my rig. Loyalty, honesty, respect and fairness is what I pride myself on. Give me a call today at 205-394-7452 so we can discuss your next event!

"Clint the Gent" Master Of Ceremony

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"The South's Finest Mobile Sound Video & Light Show"

Professional DJ servicing Tuscaloosa, Northport, West AL and East Mississippi

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